Smart Revise is a perfect solution for formative and summative assessment. Teachers can use Smart Revise not only to assess what students have learned, but also discover what needs to be re-taught. Students can access a personal revision report to know how well they are progressing with the content in Smart Revise with helpful references to videos and text book pages.

Formative assessment

Formative assessment is about using data to understand what needs to be taught. Analytic reports in Quiz, Terms and Advance all help a teacher to identify revision priorities. The questions analysis report in Quiz is particularly useful in identifying misconceptions. In the example below a teacher can identify that only half of the students understand the difference between an interpreter and other types of translator. However, all the students understand a property of CISC processor design is that there are fewer lines of code, so there is no need to revise that.

Quiz top 10

The student overview report in Terms allows a teacher to identify topics that students are less confident with. The question analysis report shows the subject-specific terminology that students need more tuition with.

Terms top 10

These reports are ideal to use for plenaries at the end of a lesson to clarify understanding for students. Remember to encourage students to use Quiz and Terms regularly so that the data is up to date.

Summative assessment

Summative assessment is about generating data to understand what students have learned. Tasks is perfect for assessment and for informing academic reports, intervention, teacher assessed grades etc. End of topic tests and even complete mock exams can be set in Smart Revise.

If you set a task that only includes Quiz questions they are marked automatically, so there is no work for the teacher to do, but a lot of useful data can be generated in a short amount of time.

Mark book

Student revision report

A student can assess their own progress using analytic reports too. They also have a personal revision report that shows strengths and areas for revision, including a personalised list of references to use for learning.

Revision report