How much does Smart Revise cost?

£4.50 per student until the last exam in summer 2022 (years 11 & 13).

£10.40 per student until the last exam in summer 2023 (years 10 & 12).

£15.60 per student until the last exam in summer 2024 (year 9).

All prices exclude VAT.

Purchase order and card payments accepted at checkout.

Discounts are automatically applied to bulk orders:

30 – 49 students: 10% discount

50 – 79 students: 15% discount

80+ students: 20% discount

Prices are reduced at the beginning of March for Summer 2022 examinations and June for 2023 and 2024 examinations.

How do I purchase Smart Revise?

Please do not send us a purchase order by email. Instead, you will need to create an account at and buy course vouchers within the product. Create a:

  • Teacher account if you are in a school buying a course for students.
  • Student account if you are a student who is buying a course for yourself.

Log in, choose a course and select: Buy course vouchers.

Purchasing for colleagues

If you are a Head of Department purchasing Smart Revise for your colleagues you will need to create the classes and share the class codes with the other teachers. They can join your class using the class code and you will need to approve them.

Once the students are signed up with their accounts and have also joined the correct class using the class code, you will be able to allocate the vouchers you have purchased to them.

You can then either leave the class, or continue to monitor progress of students in the shared classes.

Can I have a trial?

Yes of course. There is no need to contact us to set this up because Smart Revise already includes a very small built-in trial course that is available when you create a new account at

The trial course enables you to use all the features with no nuisance follow up sales call or email. Please note, the content of the trial is not representative of a full course, it’s just a few generic questions for you to get a feel for how the system works.

If you like Smart Revise, there is no need to upgrade your account, just add an examination course, purchase vouchers for your students and continue using the credentials you already have.