Healthy competition

Students love the incentive of collecting rewards for their work and comparing their progress to their peers. Smart Revise provides class leaderboards and students award badges.

The research

Gavin Kilduff argues that rivalry is associated with increased motivation and performance when competitors are known to each other. However, competition needs to be used carefully because if it is imposed upon unacquainted individuals it can also hamper motivation with a sense of helplessness.

At Stroud High School in 2023, two students competed with each other to attain the highest number of Quiz question attempts using Smart Revise. This was a friendly rivarly between two good friends. Both motivated each other to do more, and in doing so their knowledge of computer science increased significantly. When completing a mock exam with previously unseen questions, they reported, "I just knew the answers because I'd seen similar questions so frequently."

Kilduff, G. J. (2014). Driven to Win: Rivalry, Motivation, and Performance. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 5(8), 944–952.

Martin, A. J., & Marsh, H. W. (2003). Fear of failure: Friend or foe? Australian Psychologist. 38(1), 31–38.

Teachers can choose how many students appear on Quiz class leader boards. Zero to disable the feature, top three or top ten are some examples so that students at the bottom of the board do not feel a sense of helplessness and give up. At the same time, students who work hard get a sense of achievement and reward.

Students collect virtual awards for using the different features of Smart Revise. Some awards can be attained more than once for sustained effort over a long period of time and others combine to unlock branches on an awards tree.

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