Healthy competition


Students love the incentive of collecting rewards for their work and comparing their progress to their peers. With Smart Revise students collect virtual "awards" for using the different features. Some awards can be attained more than once for sustained effort over a long period of time. Some awards combine with others to unlock branches on an awards tree.

Some of the awards for exploring the different features

Viewed my personal revision report

Accessed my analytics reports

Used Smart Terms

Used Smart Advance

Some of the awards for sustained use to beat the forgetting curve

7 days

Used Quiz for 7 consecutive days

31 days

Used Quiz for 31 consecutive days

62 days

Used Quiz for 62 consecutive days

Answered 10 Quiz questions

100 questions

Answered 100 Quiz questions

Answered 1000 Quiz questions

5000 questions

Answered 5000 Quiz questions


Students can also compare their progress to their peers on class leaderboards. By deafult every student in a class is shown on the leaderboard, but this is completely configurable by the teacher. Some ideas include:

  • Set to zero to disable the leaderboard feature.
  • Set to 3 to only show the top three students: bronze, silver and gold.
  • Set to 10 to show the top ten students in the class.