A data driven approach

Smart Revise allows a teacher to use a data driven approach to intervene with individual students.

Perhaps a student is not using Quiz often enough and as a result struggles to remember the basic knowledge of the subject. Maybe a student is not able to use the subject-specific terminology sufficiently because they are not using Terms. Or does a student struggle to answer longer answer questions because they are not familiar with command words and mark scheme structures? A teacher can track how much students are using each of the features of Smart Revise and if necessary set personal targets.

Tasks also allows a teacher to set questions for homework to ensure no student falls behind. You could even use the data from Smart Revise to set a task for one topic for just the students that are identified as weaker in that area without affecting the topic filters for everyone else in the class.

With easy to read analytic reports it is very easy to spot students who are struggling more than others. Using a data driven approach in addition to classroom observations provides for more impactful conversations with students, leaders and parents.

Quiz matrix

Supporting SEND

Students and teachers can change their account settings to a cream or lilac theme. This is great for supporting dyslexia by removing the white background making the text easier to read.

One of the advantages of an online system like Smart Revise is that it is easy to use the built-in features of the operating system and browser for accessibility. If students use Smart Revise on an iPad they can use text-to-speech to highlight any text to have it read to them. By using the microphone option students can also dictate their answers. Text input boxes in Smart Revise also facilitate spell checking in supported browsers. These features effectively remove the literacy barrier.

Don't forget a student can also use Zoom controls to make the text size bigger. Smart Revise has an adaptive design to facilitate this.