Smart Tasks

Marking a task

Designed with teachers in mind to reduce worload, multiple choice quiz questions are automatically marked. So if you set a task experience that only includes multiple choice questions, then you have no marking to do! You can review the student answers, leave feedback, or just commit the task to the mark book immediately.

For tasks that require marking, teachers are presented with the question, the student answer and the mark scheme. By clicking entries in the mark scheme to mark an answer, a student will be able to see how the marks were allocated when they review the task later.

Sometimes the answer given is still valid, but doesn’t match very well to mark scheme bullet points. In this case a teacher can simply change the number of marks awarded for the question.

Task marking

Feedback can be given and tagged to individual questions or the whole task. Teachers of shared classes can choose who marks the task set and even both mark different questions or students for the same task at the same time. Feedback comments tag the teacher name.