Mock exams






This feature is currently in development

Smart Revise can be used to simulate a real exam, albeit online. As a great alternative to Exam Builder, Exam Pro and other mock exam creation tools, Smart Revise can automatically choose the questions saving time, facilitate administration of the exam, provide online marking, automatic recording of results and soon analytics reports too.

How to use Smart Revise for mock exams

The key to setting a realistic mock exam is the distribution of question types.

Step 1: Set a task

Create a new task with the following settings:

  • Topics: Select multiple topics for one unit only.

For OCR J277 Computer Science, component one is topics 1.1-1.6. Component two is topics 2.1 to 2.5.

  • Experience: set appropriate to the exam board requirements.

An OCR J277 Computer Science component one includes multiple choice, medium answer and just one extended response 8 mark question. The paper is 1 hour, 30 minutes. Typically you may configure the task as follows:

Mock Exam

An OCR J277 Computer Science component two includes multiple choice, medium answer and just one 6 mark algorithm question. The paper is 1 hour, 30 minutes. Although the exact experience cannot be truly replicated, set the number of Advance 8+ mark questions to zero.

  • Questions: Reduce workload by accepting the default questions chosen. They will be presented in order of topics in an appropriate journey for the student through the paper.
  • Schedule: Soon you will be able to choose a timed task which will start a timer when a student opens the task and continues to count down until the required time is reached. Students can leave the task, but the timer will continue to count down. The task is automatically submitted when the time runs out.

Smart Revise will support students having extra time if they are entitled to it, automatically adding this to the time available for the student and saving the setting so that teachers don’t need to remember this for future tasks.

Step 2: Mark the task

As this is a task the teacher will need to mark the task before any data is available for analysis in the mark book.