Smart Tasks

Recording the outcomes of a task

Once a task has been marked it can be committed to a mark book. The percentage marks for each task are displayed so that the outcomes of different tasks can be compared. The coloured background indicating whether the task was completed on time. Marks can be adjusted once the task is committed by selecting the task name.

Marks can become visible to an individual student immediately after a task is marked, or if a teacher wants to hold back the marks until all the marking is complete, or until a date when results can be issued this is achieved by not committing the task.

Teacher mark book

Mark book

The data from the mark book can be downloaded into a CSV file for easy manipulation in a spreadsheet. The marks, total marks and percentage are included in the downloaded data allowing for more detailed analysis.

In the future, task tagging will allow the teacher to filter their mark book, for example to show only the end of topic tests.

Teachers of shared classes also share the mark book for that class. In the future, other colleagues that are not joint teachers, such as a Head of Subject will be also able to see mark books of their colleagues, and download multiple data sets into one file.

Student mark book

Students have access to their own private mark book where they can see their marks for each task. Students can select a task to see how marks were allocated to each answer and to view any feedback that has been left for them.

Student mark book