What’s new in Smart Revise

October 2023

  • Leitner system supported in Terms.
  • Fixed a bug: when accessing a question from the task question matrix report, it loaded the answer to the first question in the task instead of the requested one.

September 2023

  • AI marking of questions in a task with written feedback for each question. Does not include questions with an image, calculation or level of response marking frameworks. These will come in a future release.
  • New course: Cambridge IGCSE 0478/0984.
  • New course: AQA GCSE Business 8132.

August 2023

  • Task creation can cause what looks like duplicate Quiz questions to be chosen. They aren’t actually the same question, but that’s not obvious from the short question snippet shown.

July 2023

  • Students can join a class with unverified accounts making it much easier for teachers to set up classes.

June 2023

  • OCR GCSE Business J204 has been released.
  • Shuffle button for terms.
  • Teachers can change a student’s name.
  • Alert for tasks that have no students assigned.
  • Assign multiple students to a task after it has been set and not just when it is created.
  • Custom date range for usage reports.
  • Students can jump to a question from task feedback for a question.
  • Select all option for transferring vouchers to another teacher (useful for Finance teams).
  • “1 days” is shown as “yesterday”.
  • MARCKS has become M.A.R.C.K.S. because it is not a spelling mistake, it is a marking strategy!
  • When creating a task, replacing a question with another shows all available questions of the same type, not just those in the same topic. This increases the number of questions that can be used to swap.
  • Students can paste an answer into the answer box in Advance (for example to paste code from an IDE).
  • OCR J277, H446 & AQA 8525 video references include a video number in the title for easier signposting for teachers.

May 2023

  • Bug fix: UTC was shown instead of BST on one screen in tasks.
  • Bug fix: copying a task now copies the MARCKS setting.
  • Bug fix: topic filtering did not work in some edge cases for sub-topics when others are locked in trial mode.
  • Update Filter button for topic filtering has moved to the panel header so it is always visible to reduce scrolling.
  • Teachers can access individual student revision reports in analytics.
  • Teachers can hide the number of days until the exam in the class configuration options.
  • More informative error message if a teacher tries to navigate to a task using a student link.
  • More SQL questions for Computer Science courses.
  • 2026 courses are now available for purchase.

April 2023

  • A user configurable Submit button that navigates to the next student or next question.
  • A more obvious indicator on the list of students when all the questions have been marked for a task.
  • MARCKS feedback option for tasks. Find out more here: https://craigndaveltd.zohodesk.eu/portal/en/kb/articles/using-the-marcks-system
  • Task marking UI has been redesigned to have tabs for the students, case study, question, answer & mark scheme, feedback and references. This reduces scrolling, increases screen space for each element and allows for a descriptive marking status statements for each student instead of letters that many teachers found confusing.

March 2023

  • All Pearson Edexcel GCSE Computer Science 1CP2 Advance questions now have a model answer video.
  • 19 model answer videos for OCR A Level Computer Science H446. Question numbers: 20, 21, 42, 49, 52, 72, 123, 127, 135, 138, 141, 154, 168, 188, 207, 214, 215, 216, 217.
  • 16 model answer videos for OCR AS Level Computer Science H046. Question numbers: 19, 20, 37, 43, 45, 59, 95, 102, 105, 107, 129, 143, 163, 165, 167, 168.
  • Bug fix: “Click to copy” not working for shareable link in task creation wizard.
  • Bug fix: Incorrect percentage values being calculated on leader boards (rankings were still correct though).

February 2023

  • Smart Revise has a new logo to make it clearer on different themes and at a smaller resolution. Goodbye old logo.
  • Task setting UI changes to reduce the chance of a teacher navigating away before a task has actually been assigned to students.
  • The current mark for each student can be seen on the active tasks page. This can be used to inform whether a task should be returned to a student for improvement before being committed to the mark book.
  • Edexcel 1CP2: all code questions are now Python syntax.
  • Edexcel 1CP2: 19 new model answer videos.
  • Edexcel 1BS0: 8 new scenarios with 103 new questions.
  • Bug fix: in some rare cases a task is not assigned to students even though it appears to have been assigned successfully.
  • Bug fix: discount codes are now applied correctly.

January 2023

  • Peer marking of tasks. Students can now mark each other’s work with the teacher able to control who is marking whom, or auto-assign to save time. There is no feedback option for peers to prevent inappropriate messages and bullying. Written feedback is only an option for the teacher. The teacher can change the task to self marking and/or contribute to the marking of any question at any time.
  • 20 new model answer videos for Pearson Edexcel 1CP2 GCSE Computer Science.

December 2022

  • Students can mark their own tasks.
  • Track progress of individual students as they complete and mark a task.
  • Tasks requiring action by the teacher have a notification bell icon.
  • New active tasks panel for teachers displaying more data.
  • New active tasks panel for students displaying more data.
  • 20 new model answer videos for Edexcel GCSE Computer Science 1CP2.

November 2022

  • Join a shared class button is now also on the teacher dashboard. This reduces the number of steps for setting up shared classes.
  • 50 new model answer videos for Edexcel GCSE Computer Science 1CP2.
  • Bug fix: some model answer videos linked to the wrong question.
  • Bug fix: task share links ignore the available from date.
  • Bug fix: the coloured bars in the top 10 questions analytics report could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Bug fix: debit/credit card orders made by teachers would sometimes fail unexpectedly.

October 2022

  • Edexcel Business 1BS0 course launched with 507 Quiz, 191 Terms and 459 Advance questions.
  • Give control of vouchers to another teacher, enabling central purchasing and distribution of purchased vouchers.
  • Every AQA 8525 Advance question now has a model answer video.
  • Bug fix: in rare cases when questions for a task are changed, the total marks for a task displays as over 100% in the mark book.

September 2022

  • Full course access in student mode for teachers who have purchased vouchers.
  • 20 new model answer vidoes for AQA 8525.
  • A few bug fixes.
  • Lots of back-end infrastructure developments for a future feature for Tasks.

August 2022

  • Free trial includes a limited number of topics from real courses instead of a generic course. Students do not lose progress from the trial.
  • A shopping basket experience for purchasing course vouchers.
  • Courses for the same subject are grouped together on the teacher dashboard.
  • Support for markup in questions.
  • Questions can have a case study.
  • Summary of the ticked mark scheme entries shown when deciding a mark for level of response questions.
  • Ticked mark scheme entries do not determine the mark with level of response questions.
  • Moved the task feedback input box to reduce scrolling.
  • Prevent follow on marks being applied if they are not applicable.
  • Navigating to the dashboard does not reset the teacher/student mode selection.
  • References are not shown for new courses that don’t have any.

July 2022

  • 40 new model answer vidoes for AQA 8525.

June 2022

  • 50 new model answer vidoes for AQA 8525.

May 2022

  • Every Advance question for OCR J277 now has a model answer video.

April 2022

  • Protection against purchasing a course more than once by pressing the submit payment button again before the transaction is complete.
  • Hyperlink for a task to copy and paste into Google Classroom, OneNote, ClassCharts etc.
  • Update the task marking UI so that the total marks box and submit button is visible without having to scroll on short mark schemes.
  • 20 new model answer videos for OCR J277.

March 2022

  • Set the same task for multiple classes, including shared classes in the same year group.
  • Deadlines shown on active tasks screen.
  • Independent scrolling of a student answer and the mark scheme when marking a task.
  • Command words exactly match each examination board specification instead of using the JCQ list.
  • Bug fix: display order of mark scheme entries for terms.
  • 20 new model answer videos for OCR J277.

February 2022

  • Deadline enforced tasks. Work is handed in at the deadline, even if it has not been submitted with this option.
  • Students can see references and model answer videos automatically in their task feedback.
  • OCR J277 1.1 Systems architecture Quiz questions have been refined.
  • 20 new model answer videos for OCR J277.

January 2022

  • Change a task deadline for an individual student.
  • Drag and drop questions into a different order when creating a task.
  • Indicate if a student has already purchased their own course voucher so they don’t need to be allocated one.
  • Dark theme.
  • Analytics reports for tasks.
  • Sort students in the mark book.
  • 20 new model answer videos for OCR J277.

December 2021

  • Fixed issues with some Quiz questions containing <> symbols.
  • Changed Quiz questions using a colon to indicate a new code statement to use a new line instead. Code is also formatted with consistent character spacing.
  • 20 new model answer videos for OCR J277.

November 2021

  • Tag tasks for filtering in the mark book.
  • Replace a question manually from the automatic selection when creating a task.
  • View the complete question when creating a task.
  • Delete a task from the mark book.
  • Date filter on the mark book.
  • Show which topics questions were taken from in tasks in the mark book.
  • Download both percentages and raw marks from the mark book.
  • Further improvements to automatic DDoS protection to protect up-time.
  • 20 new model answer videos for OCR J277.

October 2021

  • GCSE questions belong to a sub topic.
  • Return a task to a student before it has been marked to handle a student clicking submit too early.
  • Cream and lilac themes to help students with Dyslexia.
  • 10 new model answer videos for OCR J277.

September 2021

  • Smart Tasks allows teachers to set the same questions for all students in a class, mark the answers and keep track of outcomes in a mark book.

We are working on:

In test now and due for release soon

  • Analytics report colours are tied to the chosen colour scheme enabling new colour schemes for Protanopia, Deuteranopia & Tritanopia.
  • SSO integration.
  • Third option for topic filtering: students can choose topics within the restricted topics set by the teacher.
  • 30% discount for orders of 200 or more vouchers.

Your feature requests

If you have submitted a feature request, you can track its progress through our development pipeline here:

Our future plans

  1. Fix a bug: repeatedly switching topic filters from one topic to another and answering a small number of questions in a small number of topics introduces an unexpected bias in the question selection AI in Quiz.
  2. A big new feature: nothing more to say yet!
  3. All Craig’n’Dave video references include a video number for easier signposting for teachers.
  4. Continue to add model answer videos for OCR H446 & H046 A/AS Level Computer science.
  5. Updating Edexcel 1CP2 paper 2 questions to ensure a better match to the online exam structure.
  6. Updating all the Computer Science level of response mark schemes to encourage students to write answers matched to assessment objectives.
  7. Reducing the number of images in questions when HTML tables can be used instead to aid accessibility.