Road map

What’s next for Smart Revise?

Smart Revise is an evolving product that is continually improved and adpated based on user feedback. When we released our new feature, Smart Tasks in September 2021 we knew it wasn’t finished. However, we wanted to get some new functionality to our teachers in time for the start of the academic year. Our short-term plan is now to iterate on these foundations to turn Smart Tasks into the feature that we always imagined. Smart Revise is developed using an agile approach. We anticipate a new feature going live approximately every four to six weeks.

What we are working on now

Last updated: 29/11/2021

  1. A suite of analytics reports for tasks. Student overview, question matrix, question analysis and topic matrix.
  2. Model answer video for every Advance question. 50 have been uploaded so far for OCR J277. This work is being undertaken in parallel with feature developments.

Coming next

Not necessarily in this order:

  1. Clone a task. Copy a task that is either active or in a mark book from any of your classes, including shared classes. Even across series. Once cloned, the task creation wizard can be used to change tags, questions, select students etc. This allows a teacher to set the same task for multiple classes.
  2. Task marking. Allow more mark scheme entries to be ticked than the marks available, but cap the marks to the maximum. This facilitates more accurate analytic reports on mark schemes.
  3. Task creation – drag and drop questions into a different order.
  4. Deadline enforced tasks. Work is handed in at the deadline, even if it has not been submitted.
  5. Timed tasks. Simulate real exams with a timer that starts when the task is opened and submits the task when the time allocation expires. With an extra time facility for individual students.
  6. Data from tasks populates to other modes. E.g. quiz questions can be mastered from tasks. Global analytics, awards and revision report are all affected by tasks.
  7. Peer marking of tasks.
  8. Student self-marking of tasks.
  9. Indicate if a question was completed before or after the deadline.

Features now live

  • 29/11/21 Tag tasks for filtering in the mark book.
  • 29/11/21 Replace a question manually from the automatic selection when creating a task.
  • 29/11/21 View the complete question when creating a task.
  • 29/11/21 Delete a task from the mark book.
  • 29/11/21 Date filter on the mark book.
  • 29/11/21 Show which topics questions were taken from in tasks in the mark book.
  • 29/11/21 Download both percentages and raw marks from the mark book.
  • 14/11/21 Further improvements to automatic DDoS protection to protect up-time.
  • 17/10/21 GCSE questions belong to a sub topic.
  • 10/10/21 Return a task to a student before it has been marked. To handle a student clicking submit too early.
  • 04/10/21 Cream and lilac themes to help students with Dyslexia.
  • 01/09/21 Smart Tasks allows teachers to set the same questions for all students in a class, mark the answers and keep track of outcomes in a mark book.

Longer term plans

We have lots of big, innovative and unique ideas planned for the future that we are not ready to talk about yet. We also try to implement smaller ideas submitted from our users. Some of the suggestions submitted to us that are in the longer term plans include:

  1. Mastery mode to focus on just those Quiz questions that need to be mastered.
  2. A “correct answers in a row” counter for Quiz.
  3. Dark theme.
  4. Teacher access to the student revision report.
  5. Sign in from various SSO providers.
  6. Shuffle and search buttons for Terms.
  7. Feedback comment bank for Tasks.
  8. Search for a question in Advance and Tasks.
  9. Student sorting options when marking tasks to put students with unmarked tasks to the top.
  10. Configurable email alerts when key actions happen. E.g. when a task is submitted for marking.

New content

We will be increasing the number of exam-style questions for Advance and Tasks, particularly algorithm questions that require students to read, trace, refine and write code. The plan is to release free content packs from time to time.

Questions from Paul Long’s Ultimate GCSE resources will be added to Smart Revise in the future too.

Refining existing content

Quiz is intended to address the forgetting curve, so it is important that the number of questions in this feature is appropriate. Too many and students won’t be able to master them. Too few and the course will not be adequately covered. Multiple choice questions can also be used for diagnostic analysis and the plan is to review each Quiz question to ensure it can be used for this purpose too.

If you have an idea for a feature, please let us know:

Smart Revise is genuinely shaped by its users.