Road map

What’s next for Smart Revise?

Smart Revise is an evolving product that is continually improved and adpated based on user feedback. Developed using an agile approach we anticipate a new feature going live approximately every four to six weeks.

What we are working on now

Last updated: 17/05/2022

  1. Business Studies content and necessary UI changes. Lots to do here under the hood to ensure the experience is tailored to the subject assessment practices.
  2. A shopping basket experience for purchasing course vouchers. Reducing the likelihood of accidently purchasing the wrong exam series.
  3. Model answer video for every Advance question.

Coming next

The order of implementation below is subject to change.

  1. Student self-marking of tasks.
  2. Peer marking of tasks.

Looking further ahead

No firm commitments about how or when these features could be implemented, but this gives you a sense of our general direction in the longer term. These proposals are not presented in order of priority, it is a general list.

  1. Analytic reports for tasks filtered by tag.
  2. Changing the colours of data indicators in analytic reports. Blue for zero looks a bit odd. Probably better if it is red.
  3. Topic filtering for teachers at an individual student level.
  4. Set the same task for classes in different year groups.
  5. Timed tasks. Simulate real exams with a timer that starts when the task is opened and submits the task when the time allocation expires. With an extra time facility for individual students.
  6. Data from tasks counts towards Quiz, Terms, Advance and Awards or a feature to set goals for students.
  7. Mastery mode to focus on just those Quiz questions that need to be mastered.
  8. Shuffle and search buttons for Terms.
  9. Teacher access to the student revision report.
  10. Feedback comment bank for Tasks.
  11. Search for a question in Advance and Tasks.
  12. Student sorting options when marking tasks to put students with unmarked tasks to the top.
  13. Notifications when events happen with configurable email alerts. E.g. when a task is submitted for marking.
  14. Choose questions for a task based on difficulty and command words.
  15. More informative data counters when selecting Quiz.
  16. Sign in from various SSO providers.
  17. Prioritising questions that have not been set before when creating a task.
  18. Downloadable content packs to enable more unseen questions.

Release log

These features are available in the product now.

May 2022

  • Every Advance question for OCR J277 has a model answer video.

April 2022

  • Protection against purchasing a course more than once by pressing the submit payment button again before the transaction is complete.
  • Hyperlink for a task to copy and paste into Google Classroom, OneNote, ClassCharts etc.
  • Update the task marking UI so that the total marks box and submit button is visible without having to scroll on short mark schemes.
  • 130 model answer videos for OCR J277 are now live.

March 2022

  • Set the same task for multiple classes, including shared classes in the same year group.
  • Deadlines shown on active tasks screen.
  • Independent scrolling of a student answer and the mark scheme when marking a task.
  • Command words exactly match each examination board specification instead of using the JCQ list.
  • 120 model answer videos for OCR J277 are now live.

February 2022

  • Deadline enforced tasks. Work is handed in at the deadline, even if it has not been submitted with this option.
  • Students can see references and model answer videos automatically in their task feedback.
  • OCR J277 1.1 Systems architecture Quiz questions have been refined.
  • 110 model answer videos for OCR J277 are now live.

January 2022

  • Change a task deadline for an individual student.
  • Drag and drop questions into a different order when creating a task.
  • Indicate if a student has already purchased their own course voucher so they don’t need to be allocated one.
  • Dark theme.
  • Analytics reports for tasks.
  • Sort students in the mark book.
  • 100 model answer videos for OCR J277 are now live.

December 2021

  • Fixed issues with some Quiz questions containing <> symbols.
  • Changed Quiz questions using a colon to indicate a new code statement to use a new line instead. Code is also formatted with consistent character spacing.

November 2021

  • Tag tasks for filtering in the mark book.
  • Replace a question manually from the automatic selection when creating a task.
  • View the complete question when creating a task.
  • Delete a task from the mark book.
  • Date filter on the mark book.
  • Show which topics questions were taken from in tasks in the mark book.
  • Download both percentages and raw marks from the mark book.
  • Further improvements to automatic DDoS protection to protect up-time.

October 2021

  • GCSE questions belong to a sub topic.
  • Return a task to a student before it has been marked to handle a student clicking submit too early.
  • Cream and lilac themes to help students with Dyslexia.

September 2021

  • Smart Tasks allows teachers to set the same questions for all students in a class, mark the answers and keep track of outcomes in a mark book.