Saving time & work/life balance

Smart Revise is made by teachers for teachers. We understand the pressures on a teacher’s time as we live them day-to-day in our own classrooms. At every step in creating the features for Smart Revise we have thought about how we can make the process easy and time-efficient for teachers while maintaining differentiation and personalised learning.

How Smart Quiz saves a teacher time

Quiz learns about each student as they use the Smart Revise and presents them with a never-ending playlist of questions, focussed on mastery and knowledge retention over time. The teacher does not choose the questions, they are automatically selected to personalise the learning experience.

How Smart Terms saves a teacher time

Terms requires students to record their confidence in a simple red, amber green (RAG) rating before moving to the next card. This data is captured and presented to teachers so they don’t need to spend time analysing strengths and weaknesses of the class. Instead teachers can focus immediately on the learning priorities.

How Smart Advance saves a teacher time

Instead of trawling through past papers and text books, finding questions, copying and pasting or photocopying, Smart Revise puts hundreds of exam-style questions at a student’s fingertips. They can access them anytime, anywhere, on any device with no work for the teacher. Command word help explains how a student should approach the question. Guided marking shows a student how to apply the mark scheme for self assessment. Model answers show the student what a good answer looks like with helpful exam technique advice too. There is nothing for the teacher to prepare.

How Smart Tasks saves a teacher time

Homework, end of topic tests and more can be set in less than five minutes. Teachers decide how many of each type of question they want to include and Smart Tasks chooses the relevant questions from the huge bank of those available. Generating new questions is as simple as clicking a button. There is no need to create the paper yourself.

The marking interface automatically marks any multiple choice questions and allows you to mark the same question for every student before moving to the next question. A popular time-saving technique used by most teachers. Teachers can get ahead of the marking process by marking work as it is submitted. There is no need to wait until all students have completed a task.

Marks are automatically collated into an online markbook with percentages shown so that different tasks can easily be compared. Almost no preparation for parents evenings.

How Smart Awards saves a teacher time

Praise and a sense of achievement are important in learning. As students use Smart Revise they earn awards. These are automatically awarded as they are earned with no work for the teacher. Class leaderboards allows students to compare themselves to their peers with no spreadsheets to maintain.

How Analytic reports saves a teacher time

The rich and varied reports a teacher can access within a few clicks provides them with just enough data to make an impact without being overwhelming. Find the top ten least understood concepts quickly and easily. Find out which students aren’t using Smart Revise regularly enough. See which students have started a task set.