Tracking progress

Smart Revise has a wealth of reports and features that can be used by students and teachers to track progress. For students the mastery bar in Quiz, the confidence indicators in Terms, a personal revision report, analytic reports, the mark book for Tasks, awards and leaderboards. For teachers a bigger range of analytic reports for each of the revision features and a mark book for tasks.

For students

Personal revision report

Revision report

Task mark book

Student mark book


46 awards to attain, many of them can be achieved more than once.


If the student has joined a class, they can see if they are in the top six students in the class for overall score, mastery and attempts in Quiz.

For teachers

Analytic reports

Reports include:

  • Quiz usage: how often students are engaging with Quiz.
  • Quiz student overview: the accuracy and mastery of Quiz for all students.
  • Quiz questions analysis: the top ten least understood and most understood questions.
  • Quiz class matrix: full breakdown of mastery and accuracy by topic.
  • Terms usage: how often students are engaging with Terms.
  • Terms student overview: the overall confidence RAG rating by student and course confidence percentage.
  • Terms analysis: the top ten least understood and most understood terms.
  • Terms student responses: the definitions written by each student and their confidence indicator.
  • Advance usage: how often students are engaging with Advance.
  • Advance student overview: the distribution of marks for questions.
  • Advance student responses: answers students have given to exam-style questions with mark scheme breakdown. Identify the aspects of the mark scheme students are not using.

All reports can be downloaded in CSV format for further analysis in a spreadsheet.

Task mark book

The outcomes of all tasks are recorded automatically in a mark book. Percentages are shown so that tasks can be compared easily. Colours indicate if the task was completed on time. The full data set including marks awarded can be downloaded.

Mark book

Note all data in these sample screen shots is fictional.