End of topic tests

Smart Tasks is perfect for setting end of topic tests because it includes exam style questions that can be easily configured by the teacher. Question selection is automatic saving teachers time because they don’t need to do any additional preparation for the test other than following a simple task creation wizard, that should take no more than five minutes to complete.

How to use Smart Revise for an end of topic test

Step 1: Set a task

Create a new task with the following settings:

  • Topics: select only the topic you want to include in the assessment.
  • Experience: Aim for a test that will take about 20-30 minutes to complete:

6 Quiz questions

3 Terms questions

2 Advance 1-3 mark questions

1 Advance 4-7 mark question

1 Advance 8+ mark question

  • Schedule: select allow late submissions. Set the deadline date and time to be the end of the lesson. Coming soon is the option to prevent students working on a task after the deadline has passed. You can submit the task for the student on the active tasks too.
End of topic test

Step 2: Mark the task

As this is a task the teacher will need to mark the task before any data is available for analysis in the mark book.

Once committed to the mark book students will be able to see their result in their own mark book and review their answers against the mark scheme.