How much does Smart Revise cost?

It's free to get started and try a small number of topics

Teacher accounts are free and include all features. Student accounts have a limited number of free topics in each course.


You can buy a course voucher for each student to unlock the full course content for them.

£6.50 per student until the last exam in summer 2024 (Years 11 & 13)

£10.40 per student until the last exam in summer 2025 (Years 10 & 12)

£15.60 per student until the last exam in summer 2026

(Year 9)

All prices exclude VAT.

A discount is automatically applied to bulk orders made in a single transaction:

30 - 49 students: 10% discount

50 - 79 students: 15% discount

80 - 199 students: 20% discount

200+ students: 30% discount

Purchase order and card payments accepted at checkout.

Please do not send us a purchase order by email because we are unable to process it in the Smart Revise system. Instead:

  1. Create a teacher account at or log in with an exisiting teacher account.
  2. Choose "Buy course vouchers" from your dashboard.
Purchasing for colleagues at school

If you are a Finance team or Head of Department purchasing Smart Revise for your colleagues you can create a teacher account, buy course vouchers and transfer them to your colleagues after they have been purchased.

Multi-academy trusts

Trusts can apply for the 30+ student discount across multiple school transactions in a single academic year. Please contact us for a code you can give to all your Trust schools.

Students & parents buying privately

Parents or students can purchase Smart Revise independently of their school. Students can still belong to a class, their teacher can still set tasks and track progress irrespective of who purchases a course voucher.

£5.20 for 3 months.

£7.80 for 12 months.

£12.48 for 24 months.

All prices include VAT.


  1. Create a student account at
  2. Choose "Buy or renew a pack" from your dashboard.


  1. Ask your child to create a student account or log in with their account at
  2. Choose "Buy or renew a pack" from the dashboard.