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June 2024 update

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A new Terms analytics report and other changes.

A new Terms analytics report is now available for teachers to support monthly reviews, baseline assessments and catch up planning. The "confidence" report shows you all the students in rows and all the terms in columns on one page. At the intersection the happy, neutral or sad face indicates the student's RAG rating. You can use this report to more easily see students that need help and subject-specific terms to recap.

When control of vouchers is transferred from one teacher account to another, the new course tiles will now automatically appear on the teacher dashboard without needing to be added manually. This is great for central finance teams buying on behalf of teachers.

We have updated our terms and conditions for the purchasing, refunding and transferring of unused vouchers. The summary of the changes is:

  • Any amendments to a Smart Revise order (for example, due to a reduction in student numbers) must be requested within 3 months of the order date; or the start of the academic year in cases where course vouchers have been purchased in advance for student users commencing a Smart Revise course in September.
  • Course Vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged if they have been previously allocated to a student user for 3 months or more and subsequently reclaimed; or expired.
  • We will only refund or exchange vouchers that have not been allocated within the 3 month period.
  • In cases where cancelling course vouchers from an order brings it below the threshold for a bulk purchase discount, the order total will be recalculated with the discount reduced/removed before a refund is applied.

In essence, please do not build up a bank of unused vouchers. Ask them to be refunded.

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More news

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AQA A/AS level Computer Science update

The new 2026 AQA (7517) course has been broken down from 13 topics into 51 sub-topics, but AS level has been discontinued.
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Topic targeting

Students can now focus on one topic at a time more easily using links in their revision report.
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Data from Tasks is now included in Quiz, Terms & Advance

Tasks that are committed to the mark book will now affect Quiz, Terms and Advance mode too.

Huge improvement to AI marking

The large language model has been upgraded to improve the range and accuracy of AI marking.

Content update for GCSE Computer Science courses

New programming questions have been added matching the format of real exams.

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