"My students forget everything I have taught them."

Craig 'n' Dave have been thinking about this problem for some time, and now we are introducing...

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Because revision needs to start after the very first topic is taught

Known as "the forgetting curve", students will begin to lose the knowledge they have been taught gradually over time if they do not revisit topics regularly.  How can you do that when it is difficult enough just to find the time to cover the course?

Smart Revise provides an answer.

Read more about the forgetting curve HERE

What's Supported:


Computer Science fully covered

"Love the Smart Revise! Good value, helping them recap things little and often. I think testing themselves with this is something they won’t mind doing for short periods and it keeps it fresh in their minds."

Sally L.



Revision, What works?

Only two techniques turn out to be really effective - testing yourself and spreading out your revision over time.

"Students who can test themselves or try to retrieve material from their memory are going to learn that material better in the long run", says Prof Dunlovsky. "A century of research has shown that repeated testing works."

This is because the student is more engaged and it is harder for the mind to wander. He adds, "testing itself when you get the correct answers appears to produce a more elaborative memory trace connected with your prior knowledge, so you're building on what you know."

Read more about successful revision techniques HERE


How does it work?

Smart Revise presents students with multiple choice questions they can do in their own time. Smart algorithms calculate which aspects of the course a student needs more practice on, and targets these questions to each student.  Most importantly, students are regularly challenged on theory they have learned in the past.  Solving the problem of the forgetting curve, and better preparing them for exams.

As a teacher you can see who is engaging, how often, and how successful each student is.


Simple multiple choice questions can't be that effective can they?

It's surprising.  Keeping key terminology and principles in a students' mind is the goal with Smart Revise.  Teachers or students can toggle topics on and off so students are only tested on what they have learned already, gradually building up the volume of questions over time. Choose to revise the whole course at once when exams are near, or by topic as they are taught.

"Mastery" numbers show at a glance how well a student is getting on.  Questions answered correctly will be asked again to make sure students continue to retain knowledge of older topics over time.  Questions answered incorrectly will be asked more frequently.

Smart Revise is flexible - you can teach the topics of a course in any order you like.

Smart Revise will continue to grow over time, not just with multiple choice questions, but with a full range of revision tools.


A tutor when you need one

When a student answers a question incorrectly, Smart Revise presents helpful advice about the correct answer as well as a link directly to a relevant YouTube video from Craig'n'Dave.

Smart Revise quietly compiles a personalised revision checklist of topics and videos that a student should watch to maximise their learning and success in exams.  This changes dynamically as students answer questions.

Students can see their recommended revision priorities at any time.


All the data you need

As a teacher we understand the need to track your students progress.

Smart Revise comes with a fully fledged teacher analytics suite with a variety of reports and filters.

This feature is currently in BETA and may vary from the example  shown.

Awards and Leaderboards

Students can see a Live leaderboard, their Personal Awards and lifetime achievements.

Students can access these features via the awards and leaderboards button.

Personal Awards yet to be earned will be grayed out, once they have achieved a Personal Award it will turn into a coloured badge.

Some Personal Awards can be gained multiple times. Students can select any Personal Award badge to see more details.

Students will be able to access leaderboards, which are updated live, to see how they are doing compared to their peers in terms of accuracy, mastery and attempts.

A great way to motivate students though friendly competition.

We will be working on part 2 of our Awards and Leaderboard release  which will include Class Awards, such as:

- Top student this week
- Most improved
and more...

Smart Revise
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Better than other quiz apps because the questions are written by Craig'n'Dave

A name you can trust in Computer Science.  Questions are not created by users or the community, they are written by Craig'n'Dave to ensure a pin-sharp focus on the specification students are learning.

Smart interventions

Students can use Smart Revise independently of their teacher. However, by creating classes and inviting students to link to a class, a teacher can see real-time reports of progress and engagement. This facilitates timely interventions to ensure students remain on track and allows you to intervene if you see a student struggling.

Built for smartphones

Smart Revise works on any internet connected device. It is ideal for students to engage with anytime, anywhere. At home, at school, or whilst waiting for a bus!

It works on a PC, tablet and mobile phone.

With Smart Revise a teacher can choose what students revise.

Simple start, smart future

Smart Revise is just phase 1 of a smarter revision tool from Craig'n'Dave. Ongoing, continual development allows us to build a wider range of interactive revision tools for students within just one product, and a richer, growing set of reports for teachers.

e-revision cards are coming...


Create a free student and teacher account and give Smart Revise a try. A free trial pack of 70 questions will enable you to use the full product with no nuisance follow up sales call.

If you like Smart Revise, there is no need to upgrade your account, just purchase a revision pack either for yourself or your students and continue using the credentials you already have.

Note, the trial pack contains specification independent questions.  When you purchase a revision pack the questions are specifically targeted and quality assured for each exam board specification.