Redefining revision as continual practice

The Journey

To raising attainment and reducing workload

Smart Revise was built by teachers to solve the problem of students forgetting what they had learned and not being prepared for exams.

The Journey

Redefining revision

Smart Revise provides hundreds of original, human-created, multiple-choice, short, and longer answer examination questions. What makes Smart Revise different is the multitude of ways the question bank can be used to raise attainment and reduce workload. Not only are the questions already written for you, they are exactly matched to the precise requirements of each course specification. Questions are automatically selected, spaced, interleaved and diagnostic, creating a personalised and differentiated experience for each student. Self, peer, and AI marking are also built into Smart Revise with rich data analysis reports too.

Smart Revise is based on the "Revision Revolution" which is a growing consensus in education that revision should be a continual practice throughout the course and not just at the end. We present our recommended approach which has evolved from our own extensive classroom practice of 25 years and academic research about the best revision techniques.

Getting the most out of Smart Revise

Step 1

Retrieval practice homework

Step 2

Recap plenaries

Step 3

Starter / Do now activity

Step 4

End of topic tests

Step 5

Monthly reviews

Step 6

Practice exam technique

Step 7

Identify priorities for intervention

Step 8

Data driven parents' evenings

Step 9

Give students an examiner's eye

Step 10

Baseline assessments

Step 11

Online mock exams

Step 12

Catch up planning

Case Studies

Stroud High School are using Smart Revise to increase assessment opportunities without increasing teacher's workload.

Robert Waters, Assistant Headteacher

Cheltenham Bournside School are using Smart Revise to help their students remember key facts over time.

Smart Revise Sandbox

Smart Revise is a sandbox course companion. That means you can use its features in many ways to achieve the objectives of raising attainment and reducing workload. Maybe our journey does not fit with the initiatives and approaches in your school context. That's no problem, explore the features and create your own journey.