Redefining revision as continual practice


Terms provides students with a set of pre-written electronic flashcards covering every subject specific word in a course specification.


  • Every subject specific word identified in the specification by experienced teachers and examiners.
  • Terms are organised by topic.
  • Concise definitions on the back of the card, suitable for answering define / describe questions.
  • Written for the student by experienced teachers and examiners to ensure they don't record and revise inaccurate information.
  • The cards cannot be downloaded, printed or transferred to other applications. This enables data driven reports within Smart Revise.
  • Smartphone and tablet friendly.

Deck builder

  • Choose a mode: reflective - where students read and flip cards or interactive - where they must write a definition before flipping.
  • Deck mode: regular - where students choose which cards to revise or Leitner - where algorithms choose the cards for the student.
  • Choose cards that have not been assessed before, red cards, amber cards, green cards or any mix.


  • Move back and forward through the deck of cards.
  • Shuffle option.


  • After a card is flipped, before navigating to the next card students must record a self-assessment: red, amber or green (RAG).
  • Capturing an assessment facilitates the deck builder, Leitner mode and reports for students and teachers.

Leitner system built in

  • Named after the German science journalist Sebastian Leitner, the system uses spaced repetition to increase memory retention.
  • Day 1: Only the red cards are revised.
  • Day 2: The red and amber cards are revised.
  • Day 3: Only the red cards are revised.
  • Day 4: The red and amber cards are revised.
  • Day 5: The amber and green cards are revised.
  • Assessment is recorded as confident or not confident.
  • If the student is confident the card moves from red to amber or amber to green.
  • If the student is not confident the card moves from green to amber or amber to red.
  • Smart Revise will automatically keep track of days and handle moving cards between decks.

Teacher control

  • Topics can be locked to the ones selected by the teacher with no option for students to select cards.
  • Topics can be locked so that students can choose topics, but only from within those selected by the teacher.
  • Students can be given full control of the topic filtering so that they can choose any topics from the course.

Reports to track progress

  • Usage - see how much and how often students are using Terms mode.
  • Student overview - see the RAG of all students across the course or by topic.
  • Terms analysis - see the top 10 least and most well understood terms.
  • Student responses - select individual terms to see the RAG for each student, including the last written answer in reflective mode.
  • Confidence - see the RAG of all the students by term and topic on one page.
  • Personal revision report - see detailed progress by topic for one student across the whole course.

Awards for students to attain

  • Attempted Terms reflective mode.
  • Attempted Terms interactive mode.
  • 10 card flips.
  • 50 card flips.
  • 100 card flips.
  • 500 card flips.
  • 1000 card flips.
  • 20% of Terms green.
  • 40% of Terms green.
  • 60% of Terms green.
  • 80% of Terms green.

Suggested uses for Terms