Redefining revision as continual practice

Step 8

Data driven parents' evenings

One of the main purposes of parents’ evening is to feedback on students’ progress. This is an opportunity to communicate key messages for each child; what has been achieved and what could be improved upon.

communicate engagement

communicate strengths

communicate priorities







A report for each students allows a teacher to easily communicate engagement, strengths and areas of the course to focus more on.



1. Approach

In addition to starting with positive messages and pastoral care, use the Revision Report to provide parents with an overview of progress.

2. Engagement

Engagement with Smart Revise – when was the last time the student used each mode?

How much of each mode a student has completed?

3. Strengths

Identify topics that are strengths (mostly green pie charts).

4. Priorities

Identify topics that are weaker (mostly orange and red pie charts).

5. Plan

Identify modes for topics that have not been used (black circles with crosses).

Why use Smart Revise

A data-driven approach to conversations with parents allows you to be objective and focus on academic progress.

Progress reports are easy to read for parents using simple pie charts.

Top tips

Students can improve their data more quickly with “Teacher guided” topic filters, where the student can focus questions on mastering one topic at a time. "Blocking" is less effective than interleaving (with teacher-controlled topic filters), but is effective in short, intense intervention windows.