Redefining revision as continual practice

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Smart Revise teacher accounts are free. Student accounts have access to some free topics in each course. Therefore, you don't need to contact us to arrange a trial, you can set up accounts and start using the free content in Smart Revise now.

We recommend teachers and students sign up using their school email address or the single sign-on option.

These help desk articles will help you get started:

No features are locked in free mode. You will have access to the full product for an unlimited time for a small number of topics. If you like Smart Revise, you can upgrade a student course from free mode to full content at any time by purchasing a "voucher" for each student. Students will not lose any progress they accrued while using the free mode.

If you are a teacher and would like to arrange a full demonstration over Teams or Zoom, to understand how Smart Revise can raise attainment and reduce workload, please contact us.