Redefining revision as continual practice


Advance provides students with a large bank of short and longer answer examination-style questions and mark schemes.



  • Hundreds of short and longer answer questions.
  • Original questions, not past papers.
  • Written by experienced teachers and examiners.
  • Command words and the number of marks exactly match the specification and past paper expectations.


  • Move back and forward through the questions.
  • Navigate to a specific question by its number.

Teacher control

  • Topics can be locked to the ones selected by the teacher with no option for students to change topics available.
  • Topics can be locked so that students can choose topics, but only from within those selected by the teacher.
  • Students can be given full control of the topic filtering so that they can choose any topics from the course.

Command word help

  • Shows the student what the command word is in a question and how to approach answering it.
  • High-tariff level of response questions provide a framework making the question less daunting.

Guided marking

  • In guided marking mode students mark their work by answering a series of Yes / No questions with marks automatically calculated.
  • AI marking is not used for Advance because engaging with mark schemes is valuable preparation for real exams.

References and model answers

  • Every question has a link to a relevant YouTube video.
  • Popular text book and revision guide page numbers relevant to the question.
  • Computer Science courses have a model answer video for every Advance question on YouTube with audio commentary.

Reports to track progress

  • Usage - see how much and how often students are using Advance mode.
  • Questions analysis - see the top 10 least and most well answered questions.
  • Student responses - see the answers that students gave and how they marked their work.
  • Personal revision report - see detailed progress by topic for one student across the whole course.

Awards for students to attain

  • Attempted Advance mode.
  • 20% of the marks available attained.
  • 40% of the marks available attained.
  • 60% of the marks available attained.
  • 80% of the marks available attained.
  • Answered a specific command word question.

Suggested uses for Advance

  • Individual revision in preparation for end of topic tests, mock exams and real exams.