Redefining revision as continual practice


Quiz provides students with low-stakes multiple-choice questions exactly matched to the course specification. Each student will see different questions as their personalised playlist evolves.



  • ~600 (GCSE) and ~1000 (A level) questions.
  • Less is more because the aim is not assessment, it is memory retention.
  • Every bullet point of the specification is covered from multiple angles.
  • Questions are created by trusted, experienced teachers and examiners. They are not AI generated to ensure quality and suitability.
  • Each question has four possible answers and an "I don't know" option.
  • Questions are diagnostic where possible allowing misconceptions to be identified.
  • Questions cannot be skipped.
  • Smartphone and tablet friendly.


  • An infinite playlist of the questions is created for each student from the available topics resulting in a personalised experience.
  • Focus on repetition with automatic spaced learning to address the forgetting curve.
  • When a question is answered correctly it is moved to the back of the queue.
  • When a question is answered incorrectly it is prioritised and inserted at a location within the queue.
  • Questions that have not been answered before are prioritised first to ensure a student always sees new material first.
  • Automatic interleaving of questions when multiple topics are selected.


  • The aim is to "master" a question by answering it correctly three times in a row.
  • The mastery bar increases each time the question is answered correctly. With each question having its own mastery bar.
  • If a question is answered incorrectly the mastery bar is reset.
  • Mastered questions continue to be placed in the playlist.
  • Students can target specific topics by selecting the quiz pie charts from their personal revision report if they don't belong to a class, or their teacher has chosen teacher guided / student controlled topic filters.
Mastery bar


  • An advice panel explains the correct and incorrect answers after an answer has been chosen adding subject knowledge context.
  • Each question has a link to a relevant video on YouTube and popular text books / revision guides.

Teacher control

  • Topics can be locked to the ones selected by the teacher with no option for students to select making use of the algorithms for automatic spacing, interleaving and differentiation.
  • Topics can be locked so that students can choose topics, but only from within those selected by the teacher.
  • Students can be given full control of the topic filtering so that they can choose any topics from the course.
  • With Quiz teachers are not choosing the questions for students, they choose the topics. This saves time as there is no preparation for the teacher to do.

Reports to track progress

  • Usage - see how much and how often students are using Quiz mode.
  • Student overview - see how much of the course students have mastered.
  • Question analysis - see the top 10 least and most well answered questions.
  • Class matrix - see an overview or accuracy and mastery by student and topic.
  • Personal revision report - see progress across the whole course and in each topic with a top 10 video & text book suggestions.
Quiz matrix

Awards for students to attain

  • 10 Quiz question attempts.
  • 10 Quiz questions answered in every topic.
  • 100 Quiz question attempts.
  • 500 Quiz question attempts.
  • 1000 Quiz question attempts.
  • 5000 Quiz question attempts.
  • 20% of the course mastered.
  • 40% of the course mastered.
  • 60% of the course mastered.
  • 80% of the course mastered.
  • Daily goal of answering 10 Quiz questions.
  • Daily goal achieved 7 times in a row.
  • Daily goal achieved 31 times in a row.
  • Daily goal achieved 62 times in a row.
  • Viewed your revision report.

Class leader boards

  • Optional and configurable leader boards for students to compare their progress to their classmates.

Suggested uses for Quiz