Redefining revision as continual practice

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Smart Revise was built by teachers to help students be more confident in class and better prepared for exams.

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How to revise

Do you know what researchers found when they investigated what gives you the best chance of doing well in your exams?

The results might surprise you. Bottom of the list is reading books, watching videos, knowledge organisers, making notes, using highlighters and working with a friend. Top of the list is making mind maps / spider diagrams, flashcards and practicing questions.

The most effective technique of them all is practicing answering exam questions regularly throughout your course and not just at the end, and that is how Smart Revise can help you. The results are clear. The more you use Smart Revise the better you will do in your exams.

Getting the most out of Smart Revise

Step 1

Use Quiz every day

Step 2

Use Terms flashcards to boost confidence

Step 3

Use Advance to practice exam technique

Step 4

See how you are getting on

Other subjects

Smart Revise is the best revision tool for Computer Science and Business. It's great, but imagine having to use the same tool in every subject, every day. That would be very boring and you will become less motivated. Mix it up by using different tools for different subjects.

Where's the app?

Smart Revise was built to work on any browser on any device, so it's not an installable app, it's a website. Bookmark smartrevise.online

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