Redefining revision as continual practice

See how you are getting on

With personal revision reports

Easily check your progress in each topic, awards you have achieved, and if you have joined a class, how close you are to being top of the class with feedback for the tasks that your teacher set you.

There are lots of easy to read reports:

  • Progress
  • Awards
  • Leaderboards
  • Feedback

Smart Revise enables you to check your progress.

Personal revision report


1. Progress

Choose "Analytics" and select "Usage" to see how much and how often you are revising in Quiz, Terms and Advance. Ideal for checking against weekly targets.

Choose "Report" See your progress across the whole course and by topic.

2. Awards

Select "Awards > Personal awards" to see your trophy cabinet.

You can achieve awards just for using Quiz, Terms and Advance.

3. Leaderboards

Compare your progress in Quiz with other students in your class.

Note, this is only available for classes and your teacher may have customised the table or disabled it.

4. Feedback

If your teacher has marked tasks they have set, you can see your marks and feedback in your own mark book.