Redefining revision as continual practice

Topic targeting

Student with a tablet computer looking at a pie chart.

Students can now focus on one topic at a time more easily using links in their revision report.

The student revision report is a great way for students and teachers to visualise current levels of understanding across the course. Each topic has its own individual pie chart for each of Quiz, Terms and Advance shown on the report.

If students have joined a class and the teacher has the topic filtering set to "student guided" or "student controlled", a student can now select a pie chart on their report to immediately navigate to either Quiz, Terms or Advance with the topic filters automatically set to just that topic.

When students exit the mode the topic filters will return to how they were set before a pie chart was selected.

This new navigation option allows students to easily target their exam practice on questions from just one topic more easily.

Note, this option is not available if the teacher has topic filtering set to "teacher controlled". This is important because students should ordinarily make use of the automatic question selection algorithms to ensure spacing and interleaving. When students select just one topic from their revision report this is known as "blocking" and although great for targeted practice to master topics more quickly, it is a less effective technique over the long term.

Students who have not joined a class always have the topic targeting option available.

This release also included two bug fixes:

  1. Rounding errors on revision report pie chart tool tips have been fixed.
  2. Terms interactive input no longer displays after switching to reflective.