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Data from Tasks is now included in Quiz, Terms & Advance

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Tasks that are committed to the mark book will now affect Quiz, Terms and Advance mode too.

Until now, questions that students answered in a Task were completely independent of the Quiz, Terms and Advance modes, including data in their analytics reports. In this update, when a Task is committed to the mark book, a routine runs to update the data in Quiz, Terms or Advance and the associated analytics reports.

Each answer is date and time stamped, so that the most recent answer a student submits and the mark for that answer is the one that will affect the reports.

Here are some scenarios:

  • A student answers a question incorrectly in Quiz, but then answers it correctly in a Task. Once the task is committed to the mark book, the Quiz data will be updated to reflect the question being answered correctly. This will increase the mastery bar and move the question to the back of the Quiz playlist.
  • A student has mastered a question in Quiz, but when the same question is subsequently set in an end of topic test, the student answers it incorrectly. This will now reset their mastery bar for that question and prioritise it in Quiz.
  • For "define" questions in a Task, if the student achieves full marks, the keyword in Terms will have a green confidence assessment recorded. If the student achieves some marks, the term will be assessed as orange. If the student achieves no marks, the term will be assessed as red. This will affect the Leitner Terms deck builder.
  • Answers to longer answer questions in a Task will now be recorded as a previous answer in Advance mode, changing which questions appear first.
  • The analytics reports for Quiz, Terms and Advance will now include relevant data from committed tasks.
  • In all cases, if the answer in a Task is provided before a subsequent answer is given in Quiz, Terms or Advance, that mark will not be reflected in the reports as it has been superseded by a more recent answer from the student. It is therefore important to commit tasks to the mark book as soon as you can.
  • The analytic reports for an individual Task are unaffected by this update so you can still see the results of a single Task.

Sometimes we are asked why a Task needs to be committed to the mark book, why doesn't this happen automatically after a question has been marked?

The reason is we want to offer teachers the ability to simulate real tests and exams where the marks for a Task are released to students all at the same time. If Tasks automatically commit when the marking is done, students will see their result at a different time to their classmates, depending on when their teacher (or AI) marked their work. If you prefer, it is possible for the teacher to commit Tasks for individual students as soon as they are marked too.

Note, this update will only affect Tasks that are committed after 19th April 2024. Previously committed Tasks will not run this new routine.