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by redefining revision as a continual practice throughout the course and not just at the end.

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What is Smart Revise?

Smart Revise is an online application supporting students and teachers of GCSE and A Level Computer Science (Business coming September 2022). Built to work in your web browser on any device with no software or app installation required.

Revision is traditionally the practice of revisiting previously taught material at the end of a course. However, this is only partially effective in preparing for exams. To truly raise attainment, Smart Revise redefines revision as a continual practice of answering questions throughout the course, starting after the very first topic has been taught.

With Smart Revise students can access hundreds of multiple choice, short- and extended-answer questions independently, or they can join a class and enable the teacher to direct their learning by expanding content throughout the course. Smart Revise content is carefully curated by experienced teachers and past examiners to ensure an exact match with each course specification.

Remember key facts

Students forget what they have been taught over time. Smart Revise solves this problem by silently adapting and presenting each student with their own unique, never-ending playlist of multiple-choice questions. The teacher or student can expand the content as the course progresses, interleaving questions from different topics automatically. Mastery algorithms and tracking reports elevate low-stakes quizzing to beat the forgetting curve . Quiz is ideal for use at the start of each lesson or for regular homework with no marking!


Learn definitions

Our next generation flashcards require students to record their confidence with each term before moving on to the next card. This facilitates deck filtering to concentrate on different cards on each day as well as informing the teacher where there are gaps in knowledge. An optional interactive mode turns what could be a passive revision technique into an active one by challenging the student to write the definition of a term before flipping the card to see the answer.


Practice exam-style questions

Hundreds of more demanding questions with command word help to assist students in how to approach the question, and guided marking to show them how to apply the mark scheme to their answer. The JCQ and examination board guidelines on the type and style of questions has been carefully considered. For teachers, analyse which points in a mark scheme students are remembering, and perhaps more importantly, the points they don't.

Set assignments, topic tests and full mock exams

Smart Revise can be used by students independently of a teacher, but if they join a class their teachers can set, mark, record and analyse their performance with hundreds of multiple choice, short answer and longer answer questions. An online mark book keeps track of all tasks set. Great for homework and end of topic tests.


“Use Smart Revise. No question. Everything else is an imitation.”

Toby Adams, Teacher


Find out more about using Smart Revise in the classroom

Used by 64,386 students and teachers

Low stakes quizzing

Quiz is great for students to use while they wait for other students to arrive at the lesson.


Tasks is great for setting, monitoring, marking and recording tasks for students to complete at home.

Baseline assessments

Terms is great for getting an overview of what students already know in advance of a sequence of lessons, or to review at the end.

End of topic tests

Tasks is great for assessing what students have learned at the end of a topic.

Mock exams

Tasks can be configured to replicate mock exams to be completed online.

Track progress

With a personal revision report, analytics and a task markbook to record outcomes.

Identify learning priorities

Use analytic reports and task outcomes for formative and summative assessment.

Model answers

Short video clips show students how to answer questions.

Save time & work/life balance

Question generation is automatic so there is very little for a teacher to plan, yet the work can be fully differentiated.

Students love awards & class leader boards

Over 40 awards to attain encouraging students to use all the features of Smart Revise regularly. Students in a class can also compare how they are getting on in relation to their peers. The number of students shown on the class leader board is configurable by the teacher to encourage only healthy rivalry amongst peers.

Revision report award
Every topic mastered 80%
Every topic mastered 100%
Every topic mastered 20%


The pedagogy of Smart Revise

Forgetting curve

Students remember what they have been taught more effectively with Smart Revise.


Learning something once is not enough.


Supporting both formative and summative assessment with analytic reports.


Ensuring all students are making good progress.

Personalised learning

Smart Revise learns and adapts to each student giving them a personalised learning experience and revision report.

SEND & literacy

Smart Revise has many options for supporting students with additional needs.


Every feature of Smart Revise has foundations in research, and decades of classroom experience.

Case studies

How schools are making the most of Smart Revise to give their students the edge.

“It's made a huge difference for my students since we started using it.”

Catherine Lewis, Teacher

Courses supported

Computer Science




GCSE 8525




A Level

H046 & H446


A Level

7516 & 7517




Available from September 2022

Road map & Release log

Smart Revise has a new feature introduced every four to six weeks. Find out what we are currently working on.