What is Smart Revise?

Smart Revise is an online course companion that has proven to raise attainment by redefining revision as a continual practice throughout the course and not just at the end.

Hundreds of original multiple-choice and longer answer examination questions crafted by trusted, experienced teachers and examiners.

Personalised, diagnostic, spaced, interleaved and exactly matched to the requirements of each specification.

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GCSE Edexcel Business 1BS0 is now available.

Includes 500+ multiple choice, 190+ terms and 450+ extended answer questions.

Create teacher & student accounts to use topics 1.1, 1.2 & 2.1 with your classes for FREE.

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What can I use Smart Revise for?

Baseline assessments

End of topic tests

Healthy competition


Identify learning priorities


Low stakes quizzing


Model answers

Online mock exams

Save time

Track progress


Used by 82,799 students and teachers to get an advantage in exams.

“Everything else is an imitation.”

Toby Adams


“It’s made a huge difference since we started using it.”

Catherine Lewis


“My students have improved by two grades.”

CSA Graduate


“It really works. Our A Level A* percentage shot up.”

Ruchi Argarwal


“Kids are difficult to please but they really like it.”

David Corbett


“Smart Revise is an absolute game changer.”

Ed Hodges


Courses supported


Edexcel 1BS0

Computer Science

AQA 8525, 7516, 7517

Edexcel 1CP2

OCR J277, H406, H446